Back in the city

 duchessroute66editI’m just back from Oklahoma where I had a blast with my fellow DUCHESS gals playing with Cow Bop on Route 66.  Read all about it on the DUCHESS blog.  I’ll be back at my NYC home in early August for my last Jazz Country show for a while.  Jazz Country is still feeling some review love, we got a great new review in Stereophile Magazine (July issue) and also on this site in Denmark.   While I’m mentioning reviews, check out the August issue of The New York City Jazz Record for a review of last month’s show at the 55 Bar.   Here’s a choice quote:

“Cervini’s unforced vocal delivery, sweet-toned with subtle coloring and unexpected turns of phrase, led to powerhouse blowing by [Anat] Cohen, who, like a thoroughbred racehorse, came crashing out of the gates at the take-a-solo bell, giving listeners an inspiring run for their money. This was followed by an equally inspired [Gary] Versace, who held down the bassline chores with his left hand as his right discovered uncannily melodic lines. Throughout [Matt] Wilson cheered on the soloists’ finer phrases with loud whooping and undeniable swing.”